My Story

One of my presents for Christmas 2008 was a pot of really nice body butter. On using this I found that the patches of psoriasis on various parts of my skin were much less inflamed and the skin started to appear more normal.

When I'd finished the pot I forgot about it - until Santa Claus brought me another pot of the same body butter at Christmas 2009. Using this, I found that once again the psoriasis on my skin became smoother, without scales and much less red. I realised that I could not ignore this again so I started to experiment with the body butter, using it only on the psoriatic skin and monitoring the results.

Again the results were very good, better than I had ever had using any prescribed medication. At the age of 65, I had suffered from psoriasis since I was 14 years old.

So began a long journey of asking other people to try the body butter and give me the results and of looking into patenting laws, trademarking, and the incredibly complex and strict laws around marketing such a body cream.

I isolated what I thought was the ingredient in the body butter that was effective then I searched long and hard until I found an excellent manufacturing facility that met my high standards. This company agreed to make up samples of an excellent deep moisturiser, including my special ingredient. I experimented again and the results were great!

More than three years later, having learned huge amounts about aspects of production, the laws on safety standards, distance selling and all things in between, my cream is now ready for you to try!